Hispanic American Medical Association of Central  New Jersey - Company Message
About Our Organization!

In 1998 a group of volunteer Hispanic physicians came together to form a unique association. They recognized the need, in this community of a medical association interested in getting involved in health issues affecting Latinos. We call ourselves the Hispanic American Medical Association of Central NJ.
To date, HAMA physician members represent multiple specialties in the field of medicine, providing us with a unique perspective into the health care needs of the people we serve. Our mission is to serve the community and to teach ways to improve their quality of life by providing them with important information for their health and the health of their families. We are proud to have partnered with many organizations over he years in Mercer County and surrounding areas to achieve this goal.
We have become a positive force in Mercer County in many ways. We participate in health fairs throughout Mercer County and we support other organizations that work with and for Hispanics in need in our community. We award scholarships to Hispanic students enrolled in careers in health care fields. To date, we have awarded over 60 scholarships and we are proud to see the end results – productive, hard working members of society that are making a difference in all of our lives. We are also part of statewide organizations, which have policy-making implications that directly or indirectly affect the communities we serve.
We are a small organization and there is yet much to be done. Will you join us in this journey? Our motto is “To serve, to instruct, to teach and to heal.”
Raul Valcarcel, MD