Hispanic American Medical Association of Central  New Jersey - Company Message
Application for scholarship

Hispanic American Medical Association of Central New Jersey 
66 Witherspoon Street, Suite 177 
Princeton, NJ  008542    
Dear Scholarship Applicant,  
The Hispanic Medical Association of Central New Jersey (HAMA) is a non-profit organization committed to the advancement of Latinos in the health field.  HAMA is an association of physicians who have come together with a common goal:  To Serve, To Instruct, To Teach and to Heal the Hispanic community.  We promote health awareness and encourage the participation of Hispanics in health related professions, thus empowering our youth to be a productive part of society.  We are delighted that you are considering pursuing a career in the health field.  To apply for a HAMA scholarship, you must meet the following minimum requirements:  
 ·      Applicant must be of Hispanic descent.  
.      Applicant is enrolled in an approved institution and following a health  related profession.
 ·      Applicant must have a minimum of 2.5  grade point average. 
 ·      Applicant has a financial need for the scholarship. 
 ·      Applicant must fill out application form and submit required documentation for HAMA Board review.  
 On behalf of all HAMA Members, I would like to thank you for your commitment in pursuing higher educational goals and your interest in our organization.  Please complete the application enclosed as soon as possible for Board review. Applications are reviewed during the summer months and scholarship awards are granted in the fall.  You will be notified of the HAMA Board determination no later than November of the present year.   
 Yours truly,  
 Raul Valcarcel, MD HAMA President